Have you been too afraid to come in cause you've seen our posts and videos and have just thought WHOA... that's too hard for me. 

Well we have developed a program that will help ease you in to what we do here. And show you that you are more then capable to mix it with the other girls.

This program is great for those with injuries or things that hold them back from some movements. This group will be kept small, so our coach can work with everyone on options and alternatives that they can do in place of exercises they can't do. You will leave this 4 week block confident and comfortable knowing what you can do without having to be the new one in the class too scared to ask for help. 

Designed to teach the basics, and to help you feel confident and comfortable moving into our regular classes. 

Join the class with others at your pace and fitness level. 

When: Tuesday nights 5:15pm

Duration: 30 minutes

Cost: $60


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